25 May 2012

By God's Grace

I need to always remember that I am here by God's grace. Remembering that will help me 1) be humble, 2) be encouraged, and 3) be kinder to others.

Be Humble. Sometimes I need to remember that I'm not supposed to have all the answers. Knowing that I'm here by God's grace reminds me where to look.

Be Encouraged. Sometimes it's easy to lose hope in the direction humanity is taking, whether it's people giving up their liberties for a sense of false security, or it's people losing their souls to the emptiness that has become so prevalent in our society. Knowing that we are all here by God's grace reminds me that there is a purpose for all of us. We are not forgotten.

Be Kinder to Others. I see others behaving with selfishness and irresponsibility, and it's easy to make quick assumptions and react.  By remembering that we're all here by God's grace hopefully I will have less of a knee-jerk reaction, and more of a grace-filled reaction.

Yes, I am here by God's grace. I need that reminder for everything that I take in, and for everything I send out.